• STA 强度 and 调节

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The mission of St. 奥古斯汀’s strength and conditioning program is to implement a program that is founded in physiology, evidence based and comprehensive in all aspects of performance. Our goal is to advance our student’s athletic abilities while teaching them skills necessary to succeed in life. 

文化- - - - - - The culture of the strength and conditioning program is built upon the three core beliefs of St. 奥古斯汀: community, truth and love. Community is represented in our no ego policy. Saintsmen are brothers whose wins and losses are shared. Truth is exemplified by the expectation that all Saintsmen give their full mental and physical effort, and that they are always accountable for their actions. Love emerges as Saintsmen face adversity. They find strength and support in each other, knowing that they will not face challenges alone. “Unitas,Vertias,Caritas” 

Program Focus – 受伤 Prevention & Sports Performance

受伤 Prevention: Evidence-based periodization protocol that progressively stimulates the individual’s development of the necessary strength and metabolic needs. Implement movement screens to evaluate injury risk from asymmetries or imbalances leading to chronic overuse and/or soft tissue strains. Improve overall mobility and body awareness via proprioception training.

受伤 Prevention protocols  

  • Joint Range of Motion 
  • Joint Stability
  • 平衡 
  • 的姿势 
  • Recovery Methods 
  • Reconditioning/Returning From 受伤 

Sports Performance: Design and implement a strength, 速度, 敏捷性, 耐力, mobility and power program that takes into account sport specific demands and the needs of an individual athlete. 

Sports Performance Protocols 

  • Unilateral/Bilateral Training 
  • Progressive Overloads 
  • Neurological Pathway Training
  • Velocity Based Training 
  • 线性速度
  • Multi-Directional/Multi-Movement Efficacy  
  • 增强式训练 
  • Multi-Planar Movements 
  • Nutritional 咨询 

Mike Sweat, Director of 强度 and 调节

Coach Sweat is Director of 强度 & 调节 at St. 奥古斯汀. Coach Sweat has over 12 years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach. Coach Sweat started his career as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at SDSU. 在圣. 奥古斯汀 he helped develop and implement the strength and conditioning program as it is today. Coach Sweat holds a masters degree in both human movement and educational leadership and is a certified strength and conditioning coach through the NSCA. Coach Sweat is married to Marie Sweat, who is a pediatric neurology resident at UCSD. Together they have a son named Beau.

For more information on the Saints 强度 and 调节 Program, contact Coach Mike Sweat.

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